La Ventana is one of the most consistently windy places you'll find anywhere in the world during its windy season. Starting in November (and sometimes in mid-October) and ending in late April, the conditions at La Ventana are ideal for both kiteboarding and windsurfing.

All guests have the use of our bikes and kayaks. The bikes are a great way to get around the village and into the desert, and the kayaks are perfect for cruising the calm morning waters of the sea of Cortez.

Ocean kayaking along multi-colored water where dolphins come visit you can be made from fantasy to reality in Bahia de La Ventana. Every morning the sea is as flat as a mirror, making kayaking easy and relaxing. An inquisitive dolphin may come by and investigate. Also, if you take a camera along, you can get perfect close-up shots of pelicans, seagulls and other sea birds.

SUP (stand up paddle boarding) has become very popular in La Ventana Bay. Most mornings are very calm and are perfect for the paddle boarding beginner and on the days when the surf is breaking it's even more fun. If you don't bring along your board and paddle you can use one of ours that we provide for our guests.

Snorkel gear is provided for our  guests as well. Calm days make for crystal-clear water. There is a multitude of tropical fish to be found in the bay. Famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau dubbed the Sea of Cortez "the world's aquarium."